Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Learn It, Memorize It, Live It."*

Hey my wonderful followers!
(As invisible as you all are, I know you're there! >:P)
It's been over three months since I last spoke you y'all, and I apologize. Had a hectic summer, as well as a chaotic beginning of the school year. I mean, starting out as a freshman in Advanced Placement everything is pretty insane, am I right?
So, onward with the review of the past three months!
(Because I like to think you guys actually care.)
Summer mostly was all about the mathematics course I had to take, to review Algebra I that I learned in eighth, so I was prepared for Geometry in ninth. Nothing remarkable occurred during that, other than I DISLIKED MY TEACHER MUCHO.
(Because hate is baaaad. >:P)
Anyway, the best think I thought happened to me over the summer was getting run over by a deer on the Fourth of July.
Basically, a deer had been hiding in the back yard of some rich guy's huge house, and when the crowds returning from the Evanston beach began hoarding passed the deer, it freaked, and happened to burst out of the bushes concealing it and crashed into me, bumping a few others including my best friend's sister and brother.
So that was fun. I was popular for three days or so.

Another thing that happened over the summer was my introduction to the Wiccan religion.
Very, very big thing.
I was previously interested in it for a couple months, being originally introduced to it by one of my hairdressers, who openly portrayed the pentagram on her arm, and openly supported the religion. So I look it up on the internet, and whapamshalampamthankyouma'am! I'm interested, and that interest eventually forms into my converting to the Wiccan religion.
So, now I'm a Wiccan. Not a witch, yet, I follow the "year and a day" ritual, but I will be.

Then school started, and all I can say about that is HOLYSHITDROWNINGINHOMEWORKHELPMEAHHH
So that's your little bit of info on the International Baccalaureate program in high school. Do google that program if you're interested, it's provided in many high schools around the country. It gives you recognition by international colleges (that means all over the woooorld! Whooaa~!)
Though, say bye-bye to your social life! You won't be seeing that for the whole year. Haaa.
Not funny.

Anyway, that pretty much caught you guys up.

Lately, I've been looking into my Wiccan studies and attempting to accomplish my goal of DOING ALL MY HOMEWORK. My GAWD, that's hard.
And, also, I've taken an interest in accents, specifically Irish, British, and Scottish ones, though I'm interested in all of them.

If any of you would like to contribute your knowledge about anything mentioned in this blog, or any blogs I've written previously, please leave some comments! I don't bite.
Actually, I think that's physically impossible, being on the other side of a computer screen.

Muchas gracias!

-Jezz Fezz

*quote from one of Chris's videos, can't find it right now but he said it! Credit to him. Apparently blogspot doesn't let you put other website addresses up, though. Poo.