Thursday, May 28, 2009

Imagine all the People...

Did you guys know I'm a photographer?
Not very professional, because I'm underage and no one would take me seriously because of that. Plus, I can't say that I'm good, but I've got a good eye.
But I'm considering making this blog into a photography blog. As well as normal blog.
Hmm. I'll post some of my stuff in this entry, and see how it goes.

(Best friend)

Anyway the top photo is what I'm feeling right now - Exhausted!
Being Thursday evening, I've got one more day of school to endure before we've got practice graduation, the cruise, the Last Lunch, and the actual graduation. I then have three days of relaxation and partying, and then off to my high school's summer program. UGHHH.
Why are teens given so much stress? I mean, why can't we put it off for a little later on? I discovered what stress was in fifth grade, and since then it's been ruling my life. School, school, school. As important as I know it is, can we not have so much of it every day? And then the high standards you get from parents, teachers, even schoolmates. Jeez, chill.

Adults forget that we have more living to do.

Anyway, most of my friends went to D.C. on Tuesday, and should be back today or tomorrow. Since they left, I've been drowning in boredom. Everyone on my friends list is basically from school, or the friends that went to D.C. Schoolmates with facebooks don't go on much, plus some of them have no life to talk about. So, I'm pretty much left out in the dark. So, of course, what I've been doing to satisfy my boredom is to play Bejeweled! My new-found game of win. I've abandoned tetris.
Sorry, tetris. But bejeweled got more funnn. :D

This week wasn't very interesting.
Last Saturday was fun, though. Saw Aidan, Sonia, and Crystal. Aidan and I got kind of farther than before, and it was...interesting.
(Paraphrasing) "I don't really like the feeling of wet/sticky stuff on my fingers..."

So, yeah.
Have more photos.

And there I shall end; with Crystal's beautifully happy face.
All of my friends are beautifulll. And awesome.
Beautifully awesome.

Beatsome. Beautiwesome. Awetiful. Awesul. Awestiful. Yeahhhh.

~Jezz Fezz

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