Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chicken and Broccoli

Hey, I'm Jess, alternately known as Jezz. I'm new to blogger, but not new to blogging. I just don't normally blog, due to my ultimate lack of attention. I'm horrible with these kinds of things, though I would be waaay better with vlogging. Eventually, I may do so, but not when I live in a four-room apartment with an unemployed mum who's home all the time. I might post a video from time to time, but it's unlikely.

If you want to know more about me, check my "About Me" Section. Much more informative in tharrr.

Anyway, so. Todaiiii, I saw Crank: High Voltage with my godfather, Lee. He was kind of unaware of how extremely inappropriate this movie would be, so when we saw it, I think he almost died of shock. Course language, violence, and boobies were quite abundant. Lee hated it, but I enjoyed how random the main character, Chev, was.
My favorite line? "Chicken and Brocoli." Srsly, this script must have been written while the guy was on crack.

Other than that, I pretty much sat on my butt and watched Youtube videos, the majority being Shane Dawson's. I just found this guy a couple days ago, and I instantly became a huge fan. One day, I'm going to gouge out his eyes with a spoon and run away with them. Muhaha.

So, that's about it. If I manage to have the attention span of a cat, I might write up an entry for tomorrow, but Sunday's are my quiet days, where my life kind of fails for a day before another week of school.

Catch ya later~,
Jezz Fezz

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